Bulletin Intelligence is a Cision company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. The company is the industry leader in providing open-source intelligence from tens of thousands of sources to senior corporate and government executives. Our team of highly experienced analysts works overnight to deliver fully customized briefings to our clients first thing in the morning, strengthening decision-making by providing a comprehensive view of the key information impacting our clients' organizations. The company also owns and runs two subsidiaries, Bulletin Healthcare and Bulletin Media, serving professional associations and their members. The subsidiaries reach 1.5 million readers per day, including over one million healthcare professionals.

Historical Timeline



Bulletin Broadfaxing Network (later Bulletin News, now Bulletin Intelligence) established as pioneering digital publisher before the Internet and e-mail were available, using nascent computer-fax technology to deliver the White House Bulletin, a midday update on policy and politics written by the three founding partners. Subscribers to the high-dollar service included U.S. Presidents, cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, lobbyists, and corporate leaders. T. Boone Pickens called it, “An efficient means for a businessman to find out what is really happening in the White House.”


The company begins launching daily news-aggregation-and-analysis briefings focusing on policy and politics, today called the Frontrunner, Washington Morning Update, and Congressional News Briefing.


The White House outsources to Bulletin News production of the daily White House News Summary, which had been produced internally since the Eisenhower Administration and is read daily by the President and senior officials. The reason: with its advanced systems, Bulletin News could do a better job at less cost.


Bulletin News becomes, mostly through word-of-mouth, the dominant provider of media-monitoring and analysis services to the leaders in federal government, fully customized to each client. In addition to the White House, clients for customized services include more than three-quarters of the Cabinet-level departments and agencies.


Joint venture with US News and World Report creates two services, conceived and produced by Bulletin News and branded by US News, drawing on their established reputation for ranking high-dollar purchases (e.g., colleges, hospitals): RankingsAndReviews.com and Custom Briefings.


Equity investment in Bulletin News made by Dubilier & Company. Simultaneous acquisition of Custom Briefings, and subsequent spin off of two wholly-owned subsidiaries BulletinHealthcare LLC (2011) and Bulletin Media LLC (2013), which together reach more than one million readers per day, including over 700,000 physicians.


Having grown 30%-40% per year since 2001, largely through referrals, Bulletin News forms its first dedicated business-development team to approach the corporate market, offering fully customized in-depth open-source intelligence daily briefings on a company, its competitors and industry, delivered daily. Dozens of contracts for customized work for the C-Suites of Fortune 1000 companies quickly follow.


Company surpasses more than 100 customized briefings daily; while it continues to serve the highest-levels of the US Government, two thirds of briefings are now for private-sector clients.


Media-analytics service moves from “beta” to industry leader. Use of analysts, rather than software, to score tonality (positive, negative), combined with industry’s most accurate measure of audience size and other variables, makes it the best-in-class.


Bulletin News renamed Bulletin Intelligence to reflect ever-increasing integration of content and data from non-news media sources, such as financial-analyst reports, think-tank reports, patent searches, best-practices research, stock data, and virtually any other form of competitive intelligence requested by clients. The company also launches its internally developed patent-pending software, Blackwing, which allows its analysts to work collaboratively from around the world and deliver their services completely through a cloud-based platform.


Company moves its headquarters to a larger location in Reston, Virginia, as it surpasses more than 165 customized briefings daily, with much of the growth coming from the corporate sector, including 10% of the Fortune 50 and companies in Europe and Asia. Growth also continues in the professional association sector, spanning the country's largest businesses (US Chamber) and the smallest (NFIB), from teachers (NEA) to manufacturers (NAM) to airline pilots (ALPA) to doctors (AMA) and dentists (ADA).


Company begins implementation of rapid-growth and hiring strategy. Revenues for the year grow nearly 40%.


Cision Acquires Bulletin Intelligence to Expand Decision-Making Support for Senior Leaders.