Focused Business Intelligence Distilled From Thousands of Global Sources

  • Called the “perfect antidote to information overload” by a Fortune 50 CEO, we provide executive teams with a condensed one-stop-shop for the most current business intelligence, completely customized to each client, informing their executives more quickly and fully. Sold through enterprise contracts, the services are designed for use by our clients' C-suite executives and their teams in strategy, marketing, communications, investor relations, etc.
  • We spend a small fortune on content and data licenses and our patented software aggregates tens of thousands of global sources for efficient analysis by our team of 100+ expert analysts (two-thirds have advanced degrees), who work through the night to boil it all down to only the insights that matter most to our clients.
  • Delivered by 6:00 AM via mobile-optimized email and secure online dashboards, with updates available through the day, our quick-read briefing service is relied on by our clients' complete teams of executives – ranging from dozens to hundreds.
  • Our 97% annual client retention rate – which includes serving the White House for the past 15 years – proves our services more efficiently arm clients with important competitive intelligence, while also saving them money by reducing internal review operations and their expensive content and data vendors. We’ve invested in proprietary software and content/data licenses, and our analysts work overnight, all so our clients don't have to.
  • To better understand our terms of service, click here. And for third-party validation regarding our value proposition, see these testimonials from some of the world's most demanding executives.

Early-Morning Intelligence Briefings and 24/7 Online Dashboards: Available Service Components

    One service custom-built for each client, sold as an enterprise solution for all company or business-unit executives, Bulletin Intelligence provides two delivery mechanisms: 1) an early-morning briefing emailed to mobile devices and desktops (with optional updates through the day); 2) a secure mobile-optimized executive dashboard that includes 24/7 updated information and data.

    Clients fully customize their daily briefing to their needs and budget, adding any or all of the following service components:

  • News Analysis. The latest on your company, competitors and industry from tens of thousands of global English and non-English media sources (newspapers, magazines, online, trade press, national and local TV, influential social media, etc.) boiled down by our analysts to a quick-read early-morning briefing that includes only the most valuable and useful insights. Our dashboards also provide links to 24/7 updated stories of interest to our clients. More
  • Predictive Media Analytics. We accurately capture and measure the input from news media and social media that helps form the opinions of your customers, investors and regulators, providing a predictive signal on their future behavior. The data is presented in easily understood charts and graphs on clients' dashboards and our analysts pore through the data and include the most important insights in the morning briefings for executives. More
  • Key Takeaways from Investment Bank Research Reports. Our analysts boil down to only what matters most from the constant stream of reports and data on our clients and their competitors from respected financial analysts. More
  • Nuggets from Competitor Disclosures. Keeping track of your competitors' filings and statements, and finding important insights buried within, is a time-consuming job – so our analysts do it for our clients. More
  • Management Best Practices. Executives become more effective with the latest best-practices research; unfortunately, they seldom have the time to wade their way through it. Our analysts read it all, pull key points, and include in a client's morning briefing. More
  • Patent Applications and Awards. Our analysts provide our clients with a heads-up on emerging intellectual property being developed by their competitors. More
  • Competitors' Hiring Plans. A predictive signal on competitor growth plans is provided to our clients by our analysts taking a unique look at leading job-posting data from a variety of sources. More
  • Updated Stock and Commodity Prices. Our executive dashboards provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for current market information. More
  • Streaming Twitter Influencers. Clients can receive a real-time feed of curated tweets from only the key influencers on their industry, updated 24/7. More
  • Events Calendar. We provide our clients with a forward-looking calendar of relevant events relating to their industry and markets. More
  • Searchable Archives. Our dashboards provide our clients quick searchable access to past content from their morning briefings. More
  • Custom-Built Information and Data Analysis. While each of the service components above is completely customized to each of our client's unique needs, our analysts and data teams are fully capable of custom building new content and data distillation solutions. More